Forte dei Marmi Villas Real estate agency in Forte dei Marmi

Forte dei Marmi Villas

Forte dei Marmi Villas Real estate agency in Forte dei Marmi

Forte dei Marmi Villas

For landlords sales and rental searching specialist Forte dei Marmi

Suggest our property for rent or sale in Forte dei Marmi trusting to one of the best real estate agents

FortedeiMarmiVillas  is trusted by sellers to close deals efficiently at the most advantageous prices. Whether working with local, national, or international clients, FortedeiMarmiVillas streamlines the process to make every sale as seamless as possible.

For homes priced above 1 million euro , FortedeiMarmiVillas   Private Brokerage—based on the private banking service model—offers sellers the specialized attention, confidentiality, expertise, and customized marketing they expect and deserve

FortedeiMarmiVillas  agents are experts on the ever-changing real estate market, from uncovering the best properties to knowing the intricacies of board requirements. We excel at understanding your desires and needs and matching you with exceptional properties in Tuscany and Forte dei Marmi  areas.

For Renters  or SALES

Sometimes it makes more sense to rent rather than buy an apartment.  FortedeiMarmiVillas
offers the same customized service to prospective renters, working closely with you to assess your needs and guide you through the process.


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Real Estate Information aboutTaxes on the house's purchase

Taxes on the house's purchase

Real estate Informations for buy your property in Italy: taxes on the house's purchase deed tax buyer and seller
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Regional law 86/2016 on summer leases

Regional law 86/2016

concerns the obligation of communication to the Municipality, established by art.70
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