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With its beaches and its sea (blue flag certified), hills, parks and Apuan St. Flushing, Forte dei Marmi  Versilia is one of the ideal destinations for a vacation of relaxation and nature. Here you will find many opportunities to spend a wonderful holiday. You could spend your time on our beaches or hiking in the Apuan Alps or in parks, or walk over the splendid avenues of  Marina di pietrasantaLido di camaiore and Viareggio   enjoy our fresh seafood in a typical restaurant, and finally let yourself down into the fun of life night where the lights of night are linked with those of the morning.

Forte dei Marmi

is now pioneering an elite tourism, a worldliness that preserves its original splendor. Good food and clean sea make always a point of reference for those seeking an exclusive holiday.

With the several attractions in Forte Dei Marmi available to tourists, Forte Dei Marmi must do’s are galore. Located in the Lucca province of Tuscany, Italy, Fort Dei Marmi is a quaint sea town thriving on tourism. Forte Dei Marmi attracts several tourists who come here to enjoy their vacation by the pristine sandy beaches and enjoy shopping in the exclusive designer boutiques (or the flea markets available all over the place). Given below are top five must do’s while in Forte Dei Marmi.

1. Forte Dei Marmi Beaches

One of the first beach resorts in Italy Forte Dei Marmi is very popular among the rich and beautiful people. People from around the world, especially from Milan, Russia, Florence and Germany, flock to Forte Dei Marmi to enjoy the sand and sun among other things that the city has to offer. The fine sand and the calm and clean waters of the beach make it an ideal place for children and one of the best in Europe. The beach has several club houses, which offer sun bathing decks and other amenities to their guests. You can choose to play in the water, or just enjoy watching the kids play and relax.

2. Forte Dei Marmi Flea Market

Forte Dei Marmi is a shopper’s paradise. Apart from the exclusive boutique showrooms or “Made in Italy” tags, it is also famous for its flea markets. The Forte Dei Marmi flea market opens every Wednesday from 8.00 to 14.30 at Piazza Macroni near the city center. Traders from all over Italy come over to display their wares. Everything under the sun, from crockery to branded designer wear, is available at this flea market for bargain prices. During summers when the tourist inflow increases, this market is open even on Sunday’s. This is the perfect place to shop, as you get the best of Italy.

3. Marble Warehouse

Forte Dei Marmi is also known as the Fort of Marbles, a name that it received as it was the main marble deposit area in ancient times. The only constructions available then were a warehouse and wharf to transport the marbles. The Marble Warehouse is one of the very first constructions in Forte Dei Marmi built in 1618. Its remains are still visible in the city. The old wharf’s remains are also visible in the sea, stretching over 300 meters and offering a great view of the city.

4. Forte Dei Marmi Antique Market

Every second Saturday and Sunday of the month, more than 45 traders from all over Italy travel to Piazza Dante, Forte Dei Marmi to be a part of the monthly antique market. The best of Italy’s antique collectors are the ones who take part in the market. Sculptures, art, collectibles, jewelry, furniture, books and artifacts are some of the items that are available on sale at bargain prices in this market. If antiques hold your interest, this is a must visit place for you.

5. Lorraine Forte


Located in the center of Forte Dei Marmi, Lorraine Forte is also known as The Fort. Lorraine Forte was built for defensive and sighting purposes along the northern coast in the eighteenth century. Lorraine forte takes you back in time to the eighteenth century with its architecture. The Fort has also served as a marble warehouse during the period when Forte Dei Marmi was a sea port. Lorraine Forte is now home to the Museum of Satire and Caricature with a huge collection of material relevant to the history of Satire and Caricature. 

 Forte dei marmi and Versilia Hinterland
A unique, long and beautiful sandy shore delimits Versilia from the Tirreno sea. The hinterland, protected from behind by the close Alpi Apuane Mountains, is the ideal starting point to get to the typical mountain villages of Seravezza and Stazzema which represent the heart of the so-called “Alta Versilia”. All of the coast offers entertainment to its hosts, while the hinterland will surprise you with its nature, its culture, its history, its tradition and its art. It is in fact possible to mix crazy nights with others of complete relax. Each tourist will have to choose from romantic walks, tours, gala evenings, national and international events, night clubs, dinners in refined restaurants or typical “trattorie” and much else.




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