Forte dei Marmi

Forte dei Marmi is located in a magnificent golden beach with a beautiful backdrop of  the Apuan Alps

It is one of the most charming beach resorts in Italy.
In the past, it was frequented by Royalty and famous writers. Today the town is developped, around many squares and streets, there are world famous restaurants and shops, able to offer only luxury.
Forte dei Marmi is a town, in which you can find what you desire and you can be a guest of many events.
POLO PASSION: here, you can enjoy your “Polo Passion game”. Forte dei Marmi debuted on the red carpet, of a great Polo.It is inside of the famous Audi Gold Cup Polo circuit. The excellence of the location, the energy of the organization, give prestigious to polo,in our seabeach.
BANDIERA BLU FLAG is on this beach ,since more twenty years. More of twenty years of clean waters,well-tended beaches,efficient services safe,
good water purification management.
A TAVOLA SULLA SPIAGGIA:until twenty years ago, there is an important entertaining cooking show.This is a celebration of the ancient tuscany food philosophy and a delicious moment to taste  the grandmother's appealing dishes.
This exibition has seen by a journalists,phisicians,famous sports figures,chefs,noblewomen,busy managers,that,for one day,forget fast food or fusion cusine.
RENT A DREAM:in collaboration with a professional staff, we are to grant our client's wish,offering splendid cars,charming yachts,private vilolas, and a long list of optional services. We are able as a professional organisation to take care of your plans and all burocratic details .
CATERING VILLA EVENTS:we can find various locations to realize own private parties or entertainings,offering many opportunities:parties on the beach,special dinner on a yacht, charming tete a tete au bord de la mer.
We can give you the service at your own home as in the other sublime scene.
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Forte dei Marmi city center
Forte dei Marmi
Forte dei Marmi
Forte dei Marmi beach
Forte dei Marmi center
Forte dei Marmi